Regulations Related to Due Process (Suspension/Expulsion)

TUSD Governing Board Regulations are available upon request at all school sites, family centers, central offices (1010 E. Tenth Street, 85719), and online at

Short Term Suspension JK-R1 This regulation explains the process for short-term suspensions(1–10 Days).
Long Term Suspension JK-R2 This regulation explains the process for long-term suspensions (11–180 Days).
Expulsion JK-R3 This regulation explains the process for expulsions.
Suspension Abeyance
Contract Regulation
JK-R4 Principals/assistant principals may offer to hold a suspension in “abeyance” (to not instantly enforce the suspension) if:
  1. the principal/assistant principal believes it is in the best interests of the student and the school community,
  2. the student and parent/guardian agree to certain conditions, and
  3. the student and parent/guardian signs an abeyance contract agreeing to certain conditions.

This regulation explains the abeyance contract process and requirements.

Tucson Unified School District