Governing Board Policies
TUSD Governing Board Policies are available upon request at all school sites, family centers, central offices (1010 E . Tenth Street, 85719), and online at
Bus Rules
Riding is a privilege; parents/guardians and students should discuss and make sure they know the rules. As a last resort, violations of these bus rules may result in the loss of bus privileges for a limited time, not to exceed 30 days.
These rules apply while students are being transported on a school bus or vehicle used for school purposes. 
Rules Safety Precautions
• Always comply with bus driver’s/monitor’s directions
• Remain seated; keep hands, feet, and head inside bus
• Keep unauthorized materials and substances off bus
• Use classroom voice (no profanity/loud noises/ intimidation)
• All personal possessions must be under control at all times
• No eating or drinking on the bus
• Know the correct bus route # and route to/from the  bus stop
• ALWAYS board/depart bus at correct stop known by parent/guardian
• Discuss what to do if the bus is late in the morning or  no one is home in the afternoon
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