Exclusionary Consequences

Exclusionary consequences involve removal of a student from classroom instruction for longer than thirty minutes or longer than one class period. These include positive alternatives to out-of-school suspension settings or programs, in-school suspensions, out-of-school suspensions, and expulsions.

What Is TUSD’s Position On the Use Of Exclusionary Consequences?

TUSD is committed to ensuring that consequences that remove students from the classroom, where learning happens, are always used as a last resort and are only applied after classroom level interventions have been attempted and failed or the seriousness of the incident warrants an exclusionary consequence.

Graph showing the progression of Exclusionary Consequences: In-school Intervention (ISI) or Suspension (ISS); Short-term Suspension; Long-term Suspension or District Alternative Education Program (DAEP); Expulsion
When Do Exclusionary Consequences Apply?

If Exclusionary Consequences are imposed, students will have fair due process that includes an opportunity to appeal (see information on due process, pages 5-6). For all offenses, disciplinary consequences must be paired with meaningful instruction and supportive guidance (e.g. constructive feedback and re-teaching) so students are offered an opportunity to learn from their behavior and, where possible, an opportunity to continue to participate in the school community. School Safety personnel will not participate in discipline decisions occurring after an incident. This in no way prohibits School Safety involvement during or immediately after an incident to protect campus safety.

Schoolhouse with a graph showing the escalation of levels.  Levels 1-2: Exclusionary consequences are prohibited. Level 3: Exclusionary consequences are permitted. To protect the student, public or staff safety or where student misbehavior is ongoing and escalating and the District has first attempted and documented the types of interventions used in PBIS and/or Restorative Practices. Level 4-5: Exclusionary consequences are permitted.
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