What is the Code?

A guide that outlines the behavior expectations, rights, and responsibilities of students and staff (previously called the "Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities" or "GSRR")

When and Where Does the Code Apply?
  • Regular school hours (including when students are going to and from school, "portal to portal").
  • While students are being transported on a school bus or vehicle used for school purposes.
  • At all times and places where a school official or employee has authority over students.
  • School-sponsored / school-related events and activities (including field trips and athletic events).
  • On- or off-campus actions resulting in a harmful effect on students or the educational process.
  • On TUSD property, at any time (see Policy JICH).
What Principles Guide the Administration of Discipline at TUSD?
  • Partnering with students/parents/guardians to create safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments.
  • Striving to keep students in learning environments.
  • Ensuring that consequences are non- discriminatory, fair, and age-appropriate.
  • Applying the rules consistently so students receive similar consequences for similar violations.

None of these principles prevent school personnel from protecting campus safety as appropriate.

Who Monitors Discipline in TUSD?

TUSD's Student Relations Department ("Student Relations") is made up of a Director, Coordinator, and a Compliance Liaison. The Team monitors discipline on a bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. The Team reviews and approves requests for elevated consequences, jointly reviews suspensions with principals/assistant principals, ensures compliance with the Code and other policy, and monitors for disproportionate discipline by race or ethnicity.

How Is Discipline Administered For Students With Disabilities?

All district personnel administering discipline must take into account a student's disability under either Section 504 or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or if the student is suspected of having – or is being considered for an evaluation for – a disability. TUSD must follow specific procedures for students considered disabled under federal law, including determining whether misbehavior is a manifestation of the student's disability.

How Can I Get More Information or Make an Oral or Written Complaint?

Governing Board Policies and Regulations related to discipline are available for review in the principal's office at every school and online. Students or parents/guardians may make a complaint related to discrimination, harassment, hazing, dating abuse, bullying, or unfair disciplinary actions with the school principal, assistant principal, Student Relations at 225-6486, or online at http://deseg.tusd1.org.

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